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Nipponsei End of December News

Cartographers are still scrambling to redraw the map of the #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship. Their challenge was made harder than normal as in addition to minglongland's regular aperiodic migratory pattern, currently being located just North of Atlantis, they were additionally hampered by the loss of the traditional official unofficial (not to be confused with unofficial official) #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship tracker. This resulted in general confusion and/or wacky hijinks as they scrambled to locate their most current position, resorting to tools such as star charts, sextants, compasses, dead reckoning, live reckoning, reckoned dead or alive, and in at least one case a loft of 1149 pigeons with timing devices attached. The problem seems mostly resolved for now with the nomination of an unofficial official unofficial replacement tracker which has been approved by unanimous consent.

Officials are still searching for the missing PlusVee after her disappearance mid-December. At her last known appearance, she was commenting about wanting to experiment with "quantitative easing" in an attempt to "stimulate" the "economy", an announcement met with knowing looks from members of the press core. Shortly afterward she disappeared, coincidentally coinciding with ^'s disappearing as well. ^'s, who had no comment in regards to this story, returned days later and rebuked the idea put forward by conspiracy theorists that they had in fact secretly eloped. When asked about her disappearance, especially in regards to the most recent popular theory put forward by conspiracy theorists given her last monthly quote of her possible suicide, OsisNie displayed a surprising amount of nonchalance, responding "every reincarnation made her a little less useful". While officials have ruled out fowl play by OsisNie, as there has been no known special interest known here-to-date from PlusVee in regard to poultry, it is thought that the best and only chance for PlusVee's return is if OsisNie really wants her back. In the mean time, various members of the public and the #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship are scrambling to seize power in the vacuum left by her disappearance.

The rumour of a supposed hidden second purpose to the foundation of the #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship has found new support amongst conspiracy theorists with the rumour that a member of the #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship was purportedly overheard commenting that a recent act was counter-productive to fulfilling the secondary objective before being chastised in public by OsisNie being circulated. Independent investigations by the minglong Monthly was unable to corroborate this alleged incident. Authorities were quick to deny this rumour, dismissing it as being as such.

The League for Open Legislative Initiatives has caused much consternation as a result of their recent purge of their membership list and requiring of members to rejoin. This was done in an attempt to both rejuvenate and energize their base by removing old members who were purely resting on their laurels and no longer actively contributing. In response, twilightNoir's running tally of references to the league has also been reset reflecting this newly reorganized organization.

A large-scale man/woman/object/grouphunt is currently underway for a certain M-san and f-san. Authorities have not specified if they are under suspicion for conducting a giant Madoff Scheme robbing the public of tens of thousands and betraying the faith and trust put in to them by many of both the rich and powerful as well as the most vulnerable members of society, as they are consistently being included in the GODM10 index despite having no apparent contributions to the general public, or if they simply want more details about them. The public is encouraged to contact the authorities with any details they have if they have any details about these men/women/objects/groups.

The GODM10 index closed up at $1204926.13, representing an increase of 2.36%, and being in line with the overall market increase, which now includes over 3307 companies. As always, minglong (ticker symbol: MINGLONG) topped the charts at $999999.99, followed as always by aubz (ticker symbol: ABZ) at $24132.53. They were followed by the now famous M-san and f-san in third and fourth respectively, and very closely followed by absinthe (ticker symbol: ABSNTH) in fifth at $23103.46. The consulting company Triggorz released a hopeful analysis of this fast pace of growth despite the numerous celebrations and birthdays, being the birthday of approximately 8% of the population, that it is possible evidence that PlusVee's attempts of quantitative easing is taking effect and that not all hope is lost for the missing PlusVee. They are quick to add though that it could also just all be one big coincidence, and are asking for the government fund a study, preferably very large with much money involved, to investigate this possibility.

minglong has held the monthly press conference usually fielded by PlusVee in her stead, and asserted that there are over 825 memorable moments to be noted for posterity in the records of the #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship. When asked about what this unexpected last-minute substitution at the conference means for the still missing PlusVee, minglong officially had no comment. However when asked off the record, minglong unofficially had no comment. When asked by reporters if this meant that minglong officially unofficially had no comment, minglong responded "no comment."

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