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Nipponsei End of June News

Authorities have issued the standard health and safety warning in response to the semi-annual troll invasion which occurred in the #nipponsei benelovent dictatorship, with its ordinary amount of extraordinary confusion and distraction (in that order). The public is urged not to hug, pet, and especially feed the trolls. The troll bloom is expected to last for the next few months, unless it goes on for longer, or CLASSIFIEDdivCLASSIFIED willing, shorter.

PlusVee has returned after another one of her prolonged absences. While she has given no explanation for the most recent disappearance, there has been wide spread speculation that she had left once again on a quest to find more carrots. OsisNie has had no comment, most recently in regards to PlusVee's most recent disappearances. Conspiracy theorists have pointed out that nobody has actually seen PlusVee put a carrot in her mouth, and suggest that rumours as to her supposed addiction to carrots is just a cover up.

In a recent press conference, minglong was happy to announce that to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy, the #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship bureaucracy has expanded and added a new layer for security. There is now the ability to encrypt all internal and external communications by sending correspondence instead to The League for Open Legislative Initiatives has tentatively hailed this as a long overdue development, although are cautious of the potential for the #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship to abuse this newly found opacity of legislation.

The main horde of !dangos has appeared and is running amuck on the streets of GeneralSmoker city. Police are trying to contain the invasion and simultaneously interrogate nIghtorius in connection to the original introduction of the individual !dango months ago in the hopes of determining the intentions of the main horde. However there seems to be little interest from the main body of the #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship, as evidenced by such comments from ^ as "!dangos? !banzai".

The markets had a dramatic expansion following the reorganization occurring last month. The GODM10 index closed at $58550.18, representing a 153% expansion, and now includes 1301 companies. Topping out the leader board was absinthe (ticker symbol: ABSNTH) at $6656.33, followed closely by aubz (ticker symbol: ABZ) at $6461.09. When asked for comment, a spokesperson from absinthe said that aubz has been gaining dramatically and was not optimistic about what the future might hold.

Despite disappearing for a few days for unknown reasons, PlusVee has continued to astound people with demonstrable knowledge of the day to day activities of the #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship, overhearing and remembering over 681 quotes. There have been sporadic reports that PlusVee is actually under-reporting following a secret "conversation" with CLASSIFIEDdivCLASSIFIED in the dead of night (or in the middle of the day according to alternative reports) after which PlusVee "forgot" dozens of quotes. When asked directly about about such rumours, PlusVee responded "Aa mata hajimattawa kare no hoshibai haihai." We have not been able to reach CLASSIFIEDdivCLASSIFIED to hear His reaction to these rumours.

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