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Nipponsei End of September News

Taking advantage of the power vacuum left behind by the sudden disappearance of rich foreign investor modoki, minglong has filled the void by promoting tazmanian to the outer inner outer circle of the #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship; and is seemingly maneuvering to make permanent the weakened state of GeneralSmoker. When asked for comment, tazmanian is quoted as saying "ank you. *snak you. ***sank you", causing some to suggest that tazmanian has been put in charge of the #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship navy, while others suggest that he might be something of a lush. This appointment of tazmanian has caused something of a controversy amoung pundits over his apparently lack of experience, with him not even being able to explain the precepts of the GeneralSmoker doctrine in a recent interview with the press. An informal polling of the streets has also suggested the public thinks larger moves are afoot, with the public sentiment being represented by a quote from a certain N-san: "silly div, getting replaced." This rumour has neither been confirm nor denied by the inner circle of the #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship, and CLASSIFIEDdivCLASSIFIED has not been available for comment about these most recent moves.

After weeks of frantic searching, rich foreign investor modoki has been discovered and returned to the place of privilege and power inside the #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship's inner circle. modoki has offered no explanation for the long absence, but has not denied earlier rumours that the absence was cause by a horrible accident which may or may not have involved a carrot. The coincidental timing of modoki's return, mere days after the ascension of tazmanian, has caused conspiracy theorists to suggest that modoki has actually been replaced by a member of CLASSIFIEDdiv'sCLASSIFIED Clone Army™ in support of His's purely hypothetical plan D Iv, and that He is defending Himself against this recent turn of events. At the time of writing we were unable to obtain an official statement from modoki, CLASSIFIEDdivCLASSIFIED, ^, GeneralSmoker, PlusVee, minglong, or the Carrot Growing Association of minglongland and Minor Outlying Territories Local 643 Incorporated™.

The newly created extermination company run by Jigsy has created quite a controversy with their use of unconventional paramilitary, and some would argue excessively excessive, techniques. While they take on all forms of pests, they seem to be focused primarily on snake extermination currently. The League for Open Legislative Initiatives has begun circulating a petition to the government to restrict their current field of operations, but in the mean time #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship locals are encouraged to hide in a cardboard box should they see an unexpected ? or !, their coded communication style, lest they be caught up in the crossfire as the enthusiastic mercenaries descend on the target of the day.

Despite the fluctuations in the global financial markets, the domestic market has continued to steadily grow with the GODM10 index closing at $1137735.59, representing a 2.45% increase. minglong (ticker symbol: MINGLONG) has continued to dominate the markets, closing at the astounding $999999.99. aubz (ticker symbol: ABZ) has remained in a distant second at $16877.55, where as the third place slot was filled by f at $15518.90. The consulting company Triggorz credits the strong rally in the face of global uncertainty on the successful completion of minglong's market investigations with the conclusions that the current market evaluation of companies is fair and accurate.

Due to her near legendary talents with monetary estimating, fiscal forecasting, transnormal memory, and the booming market within the #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship, PlusVee has departed from minglongland to assist the US Government's attempts to draft a financial stimulus package to support the failing global economy as a subject matter expert. At her departure party PlusVee spoke of her having learned 760 quotes, although this number was not independently verified and has not been confirmed. At this time there is no timeline for her, or her traditional escort OsisNie's, return to the fold in the #nipponsei benevolent dictatorship.

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