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TitleSizeQualityCRC32ScansInfo FileCatalogue Ref.
V6 - Arigatou no UtaNoAVCD-30585
Val x Love ED Single - UP-DATE x PLEASE!!! ver 1.7.8 [Uchimiya Yumi & Hondo Kaede & Kawase Maki]37 MB320 kbps5A350FFFNoInfo FileEYCA-12791
Val x Love ED Single - UP-DATE x PLEASE!!! ver 2.6.9 [Hara Yumi & Hidaka Rina & Koiwai Kotori]38 MB320 kbpsD05DDCEFNoInfo FileEYCA-12792
Val x Love ED Single - UP-DATE x PLEASE!!! ver 3.4.5 [Shimizu Ayaka & Aida Rikako & Kakuma Ai]39 MB320 kbps293BF4DENoInfo FileEYCA-12793
Val x Love OP Single - for... [Aida Rikako]36 MB320 kbps055FA410NoInfo FileAZCS-2078
Val x Love Original Soundtrack210 MB320 kbps44BE5CB3NoInfo FileEYCA-12858
Valkyria Chronicles ED1 Single - Ano Kaze ni Notte [pe'zmoku]59 MB320 kbpsDFCD98D4YesInfo FileDFCL-1569
Valkyria Chronicles ED2 Single - Hitotsu no Negai [Inoue Hikari]50 MB320 kbps21B5B5EAYesInfo FileSVWC-7644
Valkyria Chronicles OP1 Single - Asu he no Kizuna [HIMEKA]37 MB320 kbps7D34548DYesInfo FileSICL-215
Valkyria Chronicles OP2 Single - Kanashimi Rensa [MARIA]37 MB320 kbpsBACEE5FFYesInfo FileSRCL-6969
Valkyria Chronicles Original Soundtrack196 MB320 kbpsE1E579D6YesInfo FileSVWC-7654
Valkyrie Drive Mermaid ED Single - Super Ultra Hyper Miracle Romantic [Iguchi Yuka & Izawa Mikako]34 MB320 kbpsEC132D6FNoInfo FileZMCZ-10275
Valkyrie Drive Mermaid OP Single - Overdrive [Harada Hitomi]35 MB320 kbps4BBCB3C0NoInfo FileZMCZ-10274
Vampire Knight ED Single - still doll [Wakeshima Kanon]28 MB320 kbpsAF101F9CYesInfo FileDFCL-1467
Vampire Knight Guilty ED Single - Suna no Oshiro [Kanon Wakeshima]35 MB320 kbpse4605a78NoInfo FileDFCL-1514
Vampire Knight Guilty OP Single - Rondo [ON OFF]41 MB320 kbps38EE0FF4NoInfo FileSMCL-153
Vampire Knight OP Single - Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi [ON OFF]47 MB320 kbps2DE079C2YesInfo FileSMCL-146
Vampire Knight Original Soundtrack136 MB320 kbps333221C4YesInfo FileSVWC-7552
Vampire Knight Original Soundtrack II130 MB320 kbps42204798NoInfo FileSVWC-7595
Vanitas no Karte ED Single - 0 (zero) [LMYK]26 MB320 kbpsEE89DA94NoInfo FileESCL-5539
Vanitas no Karte ED2 Single - salvation [MONONKVL]20 MB320 kbps88C0DE5DNoInfo FileSRCL-11919
Vanitas no Karte OP Single - Sora no Utsuro [Sasanomaly]66 MB320 kbps25242075NoInfo FileAICL-4088
Vanitas no Karte OP2 Single - Your Name [Little Glee Monster]58 MB320 kbps0F4EE29ANoInfo FileSRCL-12065
Vanitas no Karte Original Soundtrack284 MB320 kbps87226B35NoInfo FileSVWC-70577
Venus Versus Virus ED Single - Shijun no Zankoku [Teikoku Yousei]38 MB320 kbps8F496089YesInfo FileLHCM-1028
Venus Versus Virus OP Single - Bravin' Bad Brew [Riryka]41 MB320 kbps4825EBD0YesInfo FileLHCM-1027
Venus Versus Virus Original Soundtrack167 MB320 kbps718A26C7YesInfo FileLHCA-5071
Victorian romance Emma Original Soundtrack - Silhouette of a Breeze108 MB320 kbpsBC5981A2YesInfo FilePCCG-679
Victorian Romance Emma Second Act Original Soundtrack Album - Memories130 MB320 kbps4934165DYesInfo FilePCCG-837
Vinland Saga ED Single - Torches [Aimer]52 MB320 kbps72D87953NoInfo FileSECL-2482
Vinland Saga ED2 Single - Drown [milet]34 MB320 kbpsD67E78E5NoInfo FileSECL-2502
Vinland Saga OP Single - MUKANJYO [Survive Said The Prophet]23 MB320 kbpsED3A3DB7NoInfo FileSRCL-11229
Vinland Saga OP2 Single - Dark Crow [MAN WITH A MISSION]37 MB320 kbps48AEA89FNoInfo FileSRCL-11323
Vinland Saga Original Soundtrack333 MB320 kbps8DE2F837NoInfo FileSRCL-11387
Vinland Saga Season 2 ED1 Single - Without Love [LMYK]19 MB320 kbps29E94552NoInfo FileESCL-5753
Vinland Saga Season 2 ED2 Single - Ember [haju harmonics]61 MB320 kbpsF0AA5265NoInfo FileVVCL-2250
Vinland Saga Season 2 OP Single - River [Anonymouz]28 MB320 kbps7FADAB22NoInfo FileSECL-2841
Vinland Saga Season 2 OP2 Single - Paradox [Survive Said The Prophet]33 MB320 kbps58097E8ANoInfo FileSRCL-12478
Vinland Saga Season 2 Original Soundtrack217 MB320 kbps5845E81DNoInfo File
Violet Evergarden ED Single - Michishirube [Chihara Minori]54 MB320 kbps78A43977YesInfo FileLACM-14714
Violet Evergarden Gaiden ~Eien to Jidou Shuki Ningyou~ ED Single - Amy [Chihara Minori]60 MB320 kbpsCF696C05NoInfo FileLACM-14925
Violet Evergarden Movie Original Soundtrack - Echo Through Eternity311 MB320 kbpsC32C5831NoInfo FileLACA-9751
Violet Evergarden OP Single - Sincerely [TRUE]45 MB320 kbps948F5CC2YesInfo FileLACM-14712
Violet Evergarden Original Soundtrack: Automemories489 MB320 kbps4B5AD0B0YesInfo FileLACA-9573
Violet Evergarden Vocal Album - Letters and Doll [Ishikawa Yui]141 MB320 kbpsEA685B4DNoInfo FileLACA-15829
Violet Evergarden Vocal Album: Song letters234 MB320 kbpsE2376A69YesInfo FileLACA-15703
Viper's Creed ED Single - EVERGREEN [moumoon]56 MB320 kbps8FBBF3F3YesInfo FileAVCD-31556
ViVid Strike OP Single - Future Strike [Ogura Yui]42 MB320 kbps28D42101NoInfo FileKICM-1725
ViVid Strike! ED Single - Starry Wish [Minase Inori]30 MB320 kbpsCC38445CNoInfo FileKICM-1726
ViVid Strike! Original Soundtrack124 MB320 kbps5F619849NoInfo FileKIZX-261
ViVid Strike! Original Soundtrack 278 MB320 kbps11BBABE7NoInfo FileKIZX-284
Vividred Operation OP Single - ENERGY [earthmind]53 MB320 kbps210C0442YesInfo FileSRCL-8229
Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song- OP Single - Sing My Pleasure [Yagi Kairi]77 MB320 kbpsB5CE0ED7NoInfo FileSVWC-70534
Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song- Original Soundtrack213 MB320 kbpsEF027382NoInfo FileSVWC-70539
Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song- Vocal Collection ~Sing for Your Smile~103 MB320 kbpsA1F9115ENoInfo FileSVWC-70541
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